Dedicated to Protection of Natural Resources

               In the East Bay

The RPA board and its membership are dedicated to facilitating the acquisition, preservation and interpretation of existing and potential park lands in the East Bay region. To this end RPA is always seeking to establish and maintain strong relationships with environmental groups and public agencies in the East Bay. We enthusiastically encourage new members willing to support our efforts to join us.

Since its founding in 1947, the RPA has worked closely with the East Bay Regional Park District on the acquisition, preservation, and park development of natural landscapes in the East Bay Region, including the creation of a whole system of trails designed to inter-connect the regional parks. Today, the East Bay Regional Park District is responsible for the management of nearly 115,000 acres of land in 65 parks — the largest and most diverse regional park system in nation.

RPA recognizes that the human population of the East Bay is rapidly increasing, just as it has ever since the park district was formed in the early 1930s. That fact presents a tremendous challenge to the district and to present-day citizens of the region. Working together we must make adequate provision for the future so that everyone will always enjoy the kind of access to nature that East Bay residents have enjoyed or even taken for granted in the past.

Our board meetings on the first Monday of each month except August are open to the RPA membership and all interested persons. Contact us for verification of time and place. We welcome new members: our dues are $20 per year per family and $250 for a life membership.