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Board meeting dates – 2017   First Monday of the month generally

EBMUD Headquarters 500 San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda

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Minutes from October approved with minor correction regarding type of thistle referred to. Agenda approved. Treasurer’s report-no change.

DECEMBER MEETING . Scheduled for Dec 12 at Amelia and Pete Wilson’s home. EBRPD’s deputy general manager Ana Alvarez will attend.

DISCUSSION- CHANGE IS GRAZING LEASES AT PT. REYES. Deadline for comments Nov 16. Several options are proposed-some would have significant impact on the environment and Tule elk in particular. Reg gave background history leading up to the proposed changes.

REPORT ON FIRE PAPER -Joe. He has submitted it to Landscape and Urban Planning for publication. He was unfortunately misquoted in the Berkeleyan in regard to removal of pine and eucalyptus. He has been in touch with Nancy Skinner’s office about creating a statewide fire suppression commission. Reg commented on the flammability of Scotch broom and how few people are aware of this. Joe explained mulching and reseeding with grass as a way to control broom.

EBRPD COMMITTEE reports- Judi. She gave an online summary of BOC which included fees, equestrian contracts, and proposed after hours bicycle commute permit. Reports of various committees are now online.

BRIONES TREES AND GRAZING- Lawsuit has been filed by Save Lafayette Trees to negate the agreement between PG&E and EBRPD to remove trees that allegedly threaten underground pipelines, mostly now in Briones.



COMMITTEE REPORTS- Judi. BOC: The new Convenient Camping program is providing 4 small cabins at Del Valle aimed at seniors and disabled. They will start renting soon. Four cabins will also be placed at Chabot. There will be limits on stays. Star gazing at a road outside Del Valle has proved popular. The district has expanded the long -term rental agreements for houses it owns from 6-9 years. Most are rented to employees who provide various services to the respective parks such as maintenance and security.

Natural and Cultural Resources Committee. At the Aug. Meeting Bev Ortiz gave a presentation on EBRP’s history. Another highlight was a discussion of the attempt in Wildcat to establish the Santa Cruz tar plant in place of the yellow star thistle. There will be a walk October 22 from 9-11 a.m. at the new McCuskey Property led by GGAS. Birding near the entrance and a two mile loop hike.

FIRE REPORT-Joe is ready to publish. Claremont Canyon. Conservancy and UC could possibly contribute to cost of publishing. Bay Nature will definitely do a 5,000 word article excerpted from Joe’s paper.

CLAREMONT CANYON CONSERVANCY ANNUAL MEETING will be Nov. 12, 4 p.m., at the Claremont Hotel. Speakers will be Bob Doyle and Chief of Calfire Ken Pimlott.

GRIZZLY PEAK FIRE: Jerry passed out three papers: (1) factual assessment of the fire (2) an aerial view with FEMA and EBRP fire reduction sections highlighted and (3) an aerial with diagrams showing the direction and locations of the “91 Hills fire and the Aug 2017 Grizzly Peak fire with the comment that had there been diablo winds the Grizzly Fire would have taken off in similar fashion as the ’91 fire.

OTHER: Marty is in communication with Dee about grazing and trail damage in Briones. She is also concerned about the contract EBRPD’s Board entered into with PG&E which involves removing 273 trees in Briones in the name of “pipeline safety”. She will share more on this at our next meeting.



TREASURER’S REPORT: No change. Concern about past members who are not currently paying dues and what to do about this. Amelia has still sent these 60-some  non–payers the Newsletter. Joe suggests sending out a mailer to update info. The subject shifted to a discussion of RPA”s purpose as an environmental advisory group. Jerry suggests our focus should include being a coalition builder, which we are already given the diverse groups that attend our Annual Meeting. Jerry summarized by saying that the EBRPD Board still listens to us (mostly) and has taken to heart our idea of establishing an EBRPD Scientific Advisory Committee and establishing a connection with UC Berkeley.

NATURAL and CULTURAL Resources committee. Judi sent brief summary. BOC: Dee Rosario is Board liaison to both these committees. We need to go and present our positions on fire, grazing, bicycles, etc. It was suggested we invite the Deputy General Manager, Ana Alvarez, to an upcoming meeting

GRIZZLY PEAK FIRE: Jerry summarized and passed around pictures. If the wind had been going the other direction this fire could have been disastrous. As it was, it served as a warning to all agencies involved.

UPDATE MEASURE CC: A new parcel tax affecting the corridor from San Leandro to Richmond is being proposed and will include $12 million for fire suppression. Advisory committee includes Sierra Club and CNPS.

EBRPD RETIREES INTEREST IN RPA: They are willing to partner with RPA on certain issues.

FIRE POSITION PAPER- Joe. Themes are policy and failure of policy. Planning has been done but hasn’t come to fruition. RPA BOARD’S ASSIGNMENT IS TO READ. There is a case to be made that a regional effort needs to be made.

OTHER: GRAZING. Marty recently observed gates open, locks removed and subsequentgrazing by two bulls with green tags in the enclosed area of the Buckeye near the springs. Creatures removed after contact with D DeFreese and J. Miller.Also Marty has been contacted by Dee Rosario in regards to grazing and its impact on trails.

SB BILL 249 regarding Tesla; there have been changes made to this Bill and Celeste Garamendi feels we should no longer support it.




No June minutes. TREASURER’S REPORT: $1,621.08

NOP for adding McCosker and Western Hills to Sibley- DISCUSSION: Highlights. (1)Wildlife corridors must be preserved. (2) Lack of integrated plans including habitat conservation plan. (3)Camping and grazing issues need to be adequately addressed. Full text of Joe Mc Bride’s analysis was discussed and commented on. Conclusion: all 4 areas: Tilden, Redwood, Huckleberry and Sibley need to be planned together along with McCosker.  The STEP and SIERRA CLUB comments on the new area’s EIR was passed out.

STEP UPDATE (mountain bikes on EBMUD land). EBMUD still hasn’t defined policy other than developing a pilot project for two trails In EBRP there needs to be a decision of adapting old trails or building new ones (both with EIRs) will be contacted by Joe. COMMITTEE REPORTS:-none. There will likely be a bond measure in 2018.

OTHER:  Jerry Kent was approved unanimously to serve as co-vice president  with Joe Engbeck.



TREASURER’S REPORT: $1,928.48  + 3 new membership checks totaling $60.00 ANNUAL MEETING MAY 7: Logistics discussed and delegated. Theme “New Kids on the  Block”.  Amelia will ask questions of each new EBRP Director (Colin Coffey, Ellen Corbett, and Dee Rosario) which will provide an opportunity for each to provide personal background as well as their views and plans for EBRPD’s future.

STEP: Sierra Club has stated their policy regarding bikes: “No bikes on single track trails”. POSITION PAPERS: Thanks to Jerry who has gone to great lengths to prepare documents for distribution at our Annual Meeting on the topics Trail Use, Transparency, and Forming a Natural Science Advisory Panel for EBRP. This Panel would ease the burden in other areas. EBRP COMMITTEES- Judi. The Natural Resources Committee is developing sites for the Snowy Plover. Dee Rosario advises this committee and the BOC. LAFAYETTE TREE REMOVAL BY PG7E: Marty solicited info from those present about how citizens in Lafayette should deal with PG&E’s plan to remove 270 trees, many of them mature oaks.




Discussion among those present centered around questions to be presented to the three new EBRP Board members who will be present at our Annual Meeting May 7, “New Kids on the Block” with the three new EBRPD board members, Coffey, Corbett and Rosario.. Consensus on the following questions/topics:

!. TRAIL USE- conflicts and resolutions Current policy and evolving policy regarding bicycle use. Public education. (addenda- Norm La Force’s letter to EBRP from Sierra Club regarding bicycle use on trails.)


  1. Discussion of SB 249 which addresses OHV issues including establishment of resource protection, restoration of damage done by OHV use, and reallocation of fuel tax transfer funds.
  2. EBRPD set up of new NATURAL RESOURCES ADVISORY COMMITTEE to include scientists who will provide SCIENTIFIC, FACTUAL ADVISING.


Agenda approved. 2-6-17 Minutes amended under Other; “The hope is EBMUD will lead a coalition to eventually acquire Indian Valley to protect its Upper San Leandro watershed. Some funds could be used from WW and the Gateway Settlement $1million fund.”

TREASURER’S REPORT: Checking account balance of $1855.72 moved to Mechanics Bank. MSP to pay Amelia $57.24 for expenses for last month’s Newsletter.

NEW MEMBER JOE MC BRIDE was welcomed to the RPA Board unanimously.

GUEST COLIN COFFEY, new EBRP Board member from Ward 6. He was on PAC beginning in

2001 and also involved in the Park Ambassador program. He goes to public events such as the

Solano Stroll and mans the EBRP information table. He also helped the District develop

specialized brochures on camping, dogs, fishing, etc. He feels it important to involve outside

groups in working with the District.  Current issues he

sees are allocations being balanced between land acquisition and maintenance and also

balancing land purchase vs. urban needs. Another issue of concern is parkland being loved to death, both in terms of impacts on the land itself and on surrounding neighborhoods. Long term sustainability vs. population growth will need to be addressed and also the needs/desires of conflicting interest groups. Jerry mentioned the “flow” trails at Crockett Hills and our board members hope that signage will restrict it to bikers, or at least warn hikers of this type of trail. Discussion of “trails for all”. Jerry : “the District needs to be explicit”. Jerry brought us up to speed on the current discussion of bicycle use on the Bay Area Ridge trail through Sibley and Huckleberry. Jerry also mentioned STEP (Single Track Environmental Protection).” A good quote from Colin: “Disappoint people in doses they can tolerate” may be useful in meeting the needs of all the various park constituents.

STEP update: Considering becoming a regional organization to deal with mountain bike impacts.

TESLA: Lawsuits consolidated. Opposing legislation introduced in state legislature – resource

protection vs. more OHV funding.

ESA; MSP for RPA to sign on to letter addressed to the Western Governors’ Convention regarding the importance of maintaining the Endangered Species Act.

ANNUAL MEETING; Proposed for Board and membership of RPA for a Sunday in May.

Meeting adjourned 11:05




Meeting called to order at 9:40 by President Amelia Wilson. PRESENT: Reg, Jerry, Marty, Judi, Carroll. ABSENT: Joe, Tim, Dee (liaison from EBRP Board).Guest Joe Mc Bride.

Minutes approved w.correction. Agenda approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: $1,855.72.  Reg offered to be our new treasurer, and the board voted to accept him. Dee was recognized as doing a great job as previous treasurer. Account will be transferred to Mechanics Bank.

GUEST JOE MC BRIDE. Joe is Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley in Forest and Landscape Ecology. His expertise has been used many times by EBRP.

TESLA: Friends of Tesla Park is in the early litigation process.

They along with Center for Biological Diversity and Alameda Creek Alliance filed a petition in November 2016 against State Parks and the OHMVR Division challenging the Carnegie SVRA EIR/General Plan project approvals, compliance with the Public Resources Code, and authority of the OHMVR Commission to approve the project.  SPRAWLDEF, the County of Alameda, and Connolly Ranch also filed petitions, all in Sacramento Superior Court.

The four petitions have been consolidated and will be heard by one court at the same time but probably  there will not be a decision until fall or winter 2017.

FEMA: Jerry. FEMA will only communicate in open meetings. $5.6 million was going to be split among UC, City of Oakland and EBRP. EBRP has done an EIR, seems most competent, and therefore FEMA gave them all the money. FEMA has settled with HCN. Jerry gave his analysis of EBRP’s 2010 Fire hazard and Management Plan He also referred to EBMUD’s plan to rid its land of eucalyptus and pine in thirty years. This information plus Jerry’s talk “Why the Oakland Hills Will Burn Again” is included in a flash drive that he gave to each of us. Carroll would like to see Jerry’s work published. Jerry stated that the Claremont Canyon Conservancy is thinking of it. Amelia suggested that we could co -host a symposium with them in lieu of our annual meeting. Amelia and Jerry will investigate that possibility.Carroll pointed out that urban development is a critical part of fire safety and should be addressed.

BAY AREA TRAILS AND BICYCLES :Amelia gave overview of STEP, the group against EBMUD’s possible addition of mountain bikes trails in watershed lands. RPA has already  voted on a resolution again mountain bikes anywhere on watershed lands.

Concern by RPA board members was expressed over  the Crockett Hills Regional Park trail, a single track trail built for mountain bikes but open to all.

Board members are deeply concerned about safety on this roller-coaster trail and  afraid this designing expecially for mountain bikes sets a precedent for EBRP. Reg commented that this type of recreation has resulted in  loss of wildlife. Therefore we believe that an EIR is necessary for these trails and also an adaptive management plan possibly including cameras to identify wildlife use and patterns.

RPA BOARD: Two positions are open.

OTHER: Discussion of Indian Valley and Bollinger areas in Moraga. Indian Valley (near Valle Vista Staging Area) has long been designated by EBMUD as important watershed land.  A new proposal for 71 homes here was submitted to the Town of Moraga in December 2016.

It was suggested that we invite new EBRP Board members Colin Coffey and Ellen Corbett to one of our meetings.

Meeting adjourned 11:15 NEXT MEETING MARCH 6.



Meeting called to order at 9:40 by President Amelia Wilson. PRESENT: Dee, Reg, Marty, Carroll, Tim. ABSENT: Judi, Jerry, Joe.

AGENDA approved. MINUTES approved.

Treasurer’s REPORT: $2,121.41 on hand. $500.00 check to Save Tesla outstanding.

DEE ROSARIO joins the EBRP Board tomorrow Jan 10 in a swearing in ceremony. Dee stated that the Board will assign its members to various Standing Committees (including RPA), Dee was asked to send us an e-mail apprising us of pertinent issues including McCosker and Western Hills properties. There will be a meeting January18 at 6:30 in the Trudeau Center regarding an LUP for these properties.. The original proposal was for 150 campsites on McCosker Ranch. The Western Hills property is mitigation for Wilder Ranch, and is adjacent to McCosker.

TESLA: Four separate lawsuits have been filed against the state. Dee will investigate EBRP

joining in.

STEP: Helen Burke led December’s meeting. MSP to eliminate single track trails from the

proposed mountain bike trails. there will be a 1-year pilot of EBMUD’s bicycle plan. It is obvious that EBMUD will need to increase enforcement over and above their current $1 million contract with EBRP Park Police. Discussion continued regarding enforcement. Reg suggested signs be posted at both EBRP and EBMUD giving park police phone numbers and encouraging documentation. It was mentioned that Oakland has a “click-fix”- complaints are called in and assigned a number, facilitating follow-through.

FEMA- Nothing new.

TREASURER: We need a new treasurer.

OTHER: The National Wildlife Federation has chosen Lake Merritt to host National Wildlife Week. Discussion of potential new board members. Kaplan. Meeting adjourned 10:30 DUES are now due




Meeting called to order at 10:35 by President Amelia Wilson. Present: Jerry, Tim, Carroll, Martha, Marty, Dee. Absent: Joe, Reg, Judy. Also present Pete Wilson, Donna Mickleson, and Carroll’s daughter.

AGENDA APPROVED with addition. No November minutes as there was no quorum.


DEE’S ELECTION TO EBRP BOARD. Congratulations and jubilation from all to Dee. Question: Which of his many boards can Dee legally stay on? EBRP legal counsel will do a determination. At any rate, it appears we will need a new treasurer.

EBRP Standing Committee list: We are on the Standing Committee list although no board member has been assigned to us.

POST OFFICE BOX expense is $150 a year.

NEW RPA BOARD MEMBER PROPOSED: Alan Kaplan was suggested. Also Carroll suggested Joe McBride, retired from UC College of Natural Resources.

EBRP BOARD: Beverly Lane will be the president next year.

TESLA: Friends of Tesla Park has filed suit against the State of California’s plan to turn Tesla into an addition to the Carnegie OHV park. Dee stated that getting EBRPD to file an Amicus brief to support that lawsuit will be one of his objectives on the EBRPD Board. He will work with EBRPD District legal counsel.

MSP for RPA to donate $500.00 to FTP to support their suit/legal costs.

STEP- (Safe Trails, Environmental Protection) is a coalition of environmental groups, including RPA, to stop EBMUD from opening many of its trails to mountain bikes. A pilot project is proposed. Two fire roads  trails have been proposed for that trial.


The STEP (Safe Trails, Environmental Protection) alliance of environmental organizations and equestrians, including Sierra Club, Audubon, California Native Plant Society, Regional Parks Association, Metropolitan Horsemans Association and Claremont Canyon Conservancy, supports the continued safe and enjoyable use of East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) trails for Bay Area residents while protecting water quality and the watersheds diverse plants and wildlife.

Objectives.  STEP supports:

  1. The safe use of narrow foot or horse trails by hikers, birders,equestrians, native plant enthusiasts, joggers and Bay Area residents seeking an enjoyable outdoor trail experience.  STEP opposes the use of mountain bicycles on narrow foot/horse paths because of safety concerns and environmental impacts.

          STEP supports creation of an EBMUD Citizen Advisory Committee                (CAC) of all interested stakeholders to be involved in the design                 of  the structure, length, and evaluation of a pilot project.

RECEPTION for retiring EBRPD board members John Sutter and Doug Siden; Amelia and Jerry attended and spoke individually to Sutter and Siden, thanking them for their many years of service  .

OTHER: Marty asked Dee for an update on the McCosker property.  Walks have been led and public input solicited. At a community input meeting, the consensus was to have as few  development features as possible.

A trail to be opened soon. Another community meeting hosted by EBRPD is January 18 at Trudeau Center. Daylighting the creek on that property will occur.

Possibly there will be a small campground. Possibly no dogs.

Meeting adjourned 11:30




Meeting called to order at 9:50. PRESENT: Amelia, Jerry, Carroll, Jerry, Judi,Marty.  ABSENT: Dee, Tim, Joe, Reg. Agenda approved. Minutes of June 6 approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT : No change. $2,701.41  as of  9/12/16.

EBRP COMMITTEE REPORTS- Judi. NATURAL and CULTURAL RESOURCES COMMITTEE: Discussion of finding fossils 0n EBRP lands, especially Black Diamond.  Also rare plants in Black Diamond  The State and EBRP are putting together a list  of these resources. It will not be for public view. BOC: Caterers and horse concessionaires at various stables approved. Ardenwood,Del Valle and Shadow Cliffs concessionaires approved. Tilden Golf Course received a high accreditation rating from Audubon society and will be re-certified.

TESLA-Nothing new to report.

EBMUD Master Plan and inclusion of Bicycles. New adhoc group called STEP- Safe Trails & Environmental Protection has been formed to weigh in on pilot bicycle use on some EBMUD trails This coalition of environmental groups is opposed to EBMUD’s plan.  We are on record as also opposing. Marguerite Young has been the one to institute getting bikes on EBMUD trails, of which there are approximately 80 miles.  Three areas which are being proposed are (1)a connection between Redwood and Tilden, (2)Eagle’s Nest, and (3) Sobrante ridge to Pinole Valley.

EBRP BOARD ELECTION: MSP for RPA to donate $500 to the election campaign of Dee Rosario.

OTHER- Jerry:. There is a new book out  titled Tilden- Queen of the Regional Parks and includes many historic photos. It will be released Oct. 19 at the Brazil Bldg.   NEXT MEETING NOVEMBER 7, 2016.



MAY 14, 2016

Meeting called to order at 10:05.  Preceded by bird walk and great food. Welcome and introductions by Amelia of RPA board members and by Doug Siden, EBRPD board president of  fellow EBRP Board members Bev Lane, Dennis Waespi and John Sutter. Doug gave a brief history of Temescal becoming part of EBRPD 80 years ago.  Three cheers of “Save the Bay!” were given in remembrance of Sylvia Mc Laughlin., one of the original 3 women who founded Save the Bay.

RPA BOARD Business meeting: Agenda, minutes approved. TREASURER’S REPORT:

$2,576.81. BOARD MEMBERS RE-ELECTED: Amelia Wilson, Judi Bank, and Reg Barrett.

RPA business meeting adjourned.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Dave Lewis and Amy Hutzel. Details of Proposition AA, a nine-county measure to provide the granting source for Bay restoration, were presented and of the 10 year history of bringing a measure like this to the ballot. Amelia brought in plants that will be used in shoreline restoration. All present were urged to work hard to help pass this very important measure to fund the health of our Bay. Local control hasn’t always worked. AA will have a better chance because it  will encompass all 9 counties.

MEETING concluded at 11:15.



Meeting started with no quorum. Discussion of meeting about the future of Sibley and new Wilder land addition will be held this Wed. April 6 at  6:30 at the Trudeau Center. Upon arrival of Judi meeting called to order at 9:45. PRESENT: Amelia, Judi, Marty, Reg, Jerry. ABSENT: Joe, Tim, Dee, Carroll.

MINUTES  approved with minor correction.

TREASURER’S REPORT: (Amelia in the absence of Dee): 4 new renewals. $2656.81

COMMITTEE REPORTS- Judi.   Board Operations Committee. Ordinance 38 proposed changes: juveniles under 18 must have an adult present when camping. If asked to leave cannot return for 15 days. Drones can only be operated in certain areas the District has reserved for them and other toy aircraft. Pot smoking not to be allowed anywhere in EBRPD. Edible consumption only with a doctor’s prescription in hand. Paddle boards can be used in certain areas. Long discussion on no-smoking on park lands. Staff recommended an employee-only designated smoking area – all other smoking to be prohibited except at campsites in established campgrounds. EBRPD board will make final decision. Jerry commented that this is the very first smoking restriction  of any kind proposed for EBRPD. Water craft  concessionaire at Del Valle is doing a good job and has spent  $8,000  in building improvements and ADA improvements. Miniature Steam train in Tilden doing well.

ANNUAL MEETING: Amelia will send out notice at end of month, asking recipients to RSVP. OTHER: Tomorrow the  EBRPD Board will approve a resolution supporting Measure AA – the Bay Restoration measure on the June ballot.

Reg announced the Wildlife Festival to be held April 17 at the Wagner Ranch School in Orinda. It will be led by Reg and members of Friends of Wagner Ranch Nature Area. The dam(n) on San Pablo Creek will be featured. There is a pond on site at Wagner Ranch with red-legged frogs and western pond turtles.

Meeting adjourned 10:30.




Meeting called to order at 9:45. PRESENT: Amelia, Judi, Jerry, Reg, Tim, Dee, Marty.ABSENT: Joe, Carroll.

AGENDA approved. MINUTES approved.


EBRPD COMMITTEE REPORTS- Judi.  Board Operations Committee. Recent improvements to the Redwood Golf Course by the concessionaire were observed by Judi to be well done.Jerry commented that the current concessionaire, Steve Harken , has been associated with golf courses for at least thirty years and the District is lucky to have him. He will receive a contract renewal.  The EBRPD Board has expressed the need for more timely information about its concessionaires and to that end BOC is developing a spreadsheet  to track which concessionaires have brought in the most (and least) income and how much the District has spent on its various facilities.Judi and Dee commented on the Anthony Chabot Equestrian Center and Piedmont stables, both in need of renovation.  For Piedmont, $100,000 was raised towards renovation but the District has taken no action toward this . Similar raising of $100,000  towards the renovation of Lake Chabot Marina has also occured.  Jerry gave history and background of concessions in EBRPD.  Judi mentioned that the BOC approved a Special Use application for the training in water rescue of Newfoundland dogs at Lake del Valle.

ANNUAL MEETING MAY 14  9:00 at Lake  Temescal Beach House.

EBRPD BOARD ELECTIONS: We will not lose our 501C status  as a non-profit if we endorse candidates. Therefore, MSP to endorse DEE ROSARIO  for EBRPD Board Member for  Ward 2.

OTHER: Dee was able to attend  the recent  meeting in Tracy where the draft  EIR for Tesla was presented. He spoke and submitted our letter. Many other environmental groups were represented in the overflow crowd.

Meeting adjorned 10:35




Meeting called to order at 9:40. PRESENT: Amelia, Joe, Jerry, Reg, Marty, Judi, Dee, Tim. ABSENT: Carroll

AGENDA approved as amended. MINUTES approved.


COMMITTEE REPORTS-Judi.BOC: Discussion of special event at Del Valle. Butterflies at Arden. Model Railroad setup in big warehouse at Miller-Knox. (Golden Gate Model Railroad) . Maintenance building (3 stories tall ) proposed in Chabot Regional Park.( off Lake Chabot Rd) has been met with opposition from the community, resulting in the Board rescinding this $25 million expenditure.

WALNUT CREEK RESTORATION- Marty. A grant received by Contra Costa County Flood Control District will enable restoration of the creek channel in its lower portions near Martinez. Habitat restoration and public access will be included . Project will take several years. In a nutshell- -object is to provide a sustainable flood control channel that is more compatible with the plants and animals that call the creek home. Marty will look into tours of the Creek for our group if desired. Reg elaborated on the work he and his group are doing to protect San Pablo Creek in Orinda . Reg and his group, Friends of Orinda Creeks, were featured in an article in a local newspaper.

ANNUAL MEETING:: DATE MAY 14, 2016. PLACE; BEACH HOUSE, LAKE TEMESCAL.SPEAKER;DAVE LEWIS, Save The Bay. Dave is open to whatever we want regarding program. Ideas: (1) Bay restoration ballot proposition and how this will heal the bay. What will 100,000 restored acres look like? Dee wants to include a discussion of how this will affect EBRP shoreline parks. (2) Getting groups and counties together. Reg volunteered to compile a list of group names and contacts. (3) Reg: put idea map on wall . Bring photos. Best one might get a subscription to Bay Nature. Amelia will visit Beacht House to see if putting thing on walls feasible. Joe: identify and discuss pieces of land of prime importance to acquire and restore.(Jerry) “Lewis will bring a map of what they have. People could put tags on map showing what they would like added. Dee suggested someone from EBRP could lead a bird walk around the lake between at 9, before the meeting starts.

Meeting adjourned 10:40.



Meeting called to order at 9:40. Present: Amelia, Judi, Reg, Jerry, Marty, Carroll. Absent: Joe, Dee, Tim.

AGENDA and MINUTES approved.


COMMITTEE REPORTS- Judi. No committee meetings to report on.

SAVE THE BAY. Jerry. Save the Bay Board and advisory committee will meet tomorrow, Jan.5, to approve the proposed $12   per parcel tax to be placed on the June 2016 ballot. The tax will be effective in the 9 bay area counties if approved. Although some opposition is anticipated, an informal poll concluded that 71% of the electorate is in favor of the proposed tax. No official opposition has surfaced yet. Jerry added that certain taxpayer groups would be the likely opponents. Reg asked if developers might be in the opposition camp but Jerry said no because of sea level rise that would affect shoreline properties. Repairing levees and restoration of salt ponds would be a priority. Jerry is mildly optimistic about passage of the tax. Amelia wondered if there were any big name sponsors. Jerry stated that Save the Bay is getting $5million and lining up endorsers. Amelia suggested that this would be a good topic for our annual meeting.

ANNUAL MEETING: Amelia: “Do we want to continue to host multi-group annual meeting?” Jerry: “Yes. If we have a good topic.” Amelia” We need a big name.”   Subjects mentioned were the Delta tunnels and effects of drought on wildlands. Jerry suggested contacting David Lewis, president of Save the Bay, as a speaker. Reg, Judi, and Marty voiced approval. Amelia will contact David and suggested that the Annual Meeting be held in early May so that emphasis can be placed on information about the upcoming parcel tax.

TREES and MORTALITY- Carroll. Carroll expressed concern about current drought conditions adversely affecting our forests and stated that water diversion is a contributing factor. Amelia wondered what the bay and forests might look like in 50 years.

Meeting adjourned 10:30. NEXT MEETING FEB. 1 .



A tardy call to order at 10:25 after a delicious brunch hosted by Amelia and Pete Wilson. Present: Amelia, Joe, Judi, Jerry, Dee, Tim, Reg, Carroll. Marty. Absent: none. Guests: Donna and Robin.

AGENDA APPROVED with addition (proposed EBMUD opening of certain watershed trails to bicyclists.)


TREASURER’S REPORT-Dee: amended October balance of $2,310.81 and November balance of 2,381.81. We have an upcoming state filing fee of $50.00

COMMITTEE REPORTS-Judi. None. However, the agenda for Natural and Cultural Resources Committee included a discussion of sudden oak death and restoration of Wildcat and Alameda creeks. Carroll mentioned that the incidence of S.O.D. has lessened due the drought as the bacteria requires moisture. Dee commented that the first incidence of S.O. D,. in the East Bay occurred in Castro Valley and went through the Upper San Leandro watershed rapidly. The disease is also spread by birds.

RIFLE RANGE-DISCUSSION: Dee: “The ( EBRP) Board, on its Dec. 15 consent calendar, has certified a 3 month extension of the gun Clubs lease in order to give the Gun Club time to come up with a lead mitigation plan.” The Board, it seems, does not want to be accused of not giving the Gun Club time to respond to the massive environmental concerns that will influence the granting of a new lease. Tim mentioned that the Rifle Range in Richmond as an additional source of extreme lead pollution.

SAVE THE BAY ( and BAY RESTORATION AUTHORITY) are asking for support for a tax election for which they will need $5million for the campaign and ballot measure. The proposed measure would be for $12.00 a year per parcel., hopefully generating $500million a year for SF Bay marsh restoration of 30,000 acres with a goal of 100,000 acres. We have sent a letter of support and a plan is in place. Each county will get a certain amount and the rest goes baywide.

OTHER: EBMUD bicycle issue. At a recent EBMUD board meeting it was proposed to open some trails including single track connecter trails to bicycles. Sierra Club has already presented a statement to the EBMUD board opposing this. Mimi will be going to the EBMUD Dec .   meeting where she will present the following resolution move, seconded and passed unanimously: “ The Board of Directors of the Regional Parks Association opposes the trial implementation of the use of bicycles and all other mechanized equipment on single track and all other unpaved trails within the EBMUD watershed lands.”



RPA minutes November 2, 2015 BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING

Meeting called to order at 9:40 by President Amelia Wilson. Present: Tim, Marty, Reg, Jerry, Dee, Judi,ex-officio Martha, and 8 member guests. Absent: Joe, Carroll.

Agenda approved. Minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT- Dee. $2, 323.67 on hand as of Oct 31. Report accepted and approved. The money is in a free checking account at Republic Bank in Orinda.

GUEST SPEAKER: Amelia introduced BEV ORTIZ, Cultural Services Director

for EBRP (a recently created position). Bev outlined her background as a park naturalist and education including a PhD in cultural anthropology. Her goal in this position is to have “nature and culture totally linked.” She touched on the problems of vandalism and bootleg trails impacting cultural sites and artifacts and the importance of documenting and evaluating structures that may be present on land bank properties before they may be opened to the public. She expressed interest in using social media to catch looters and vandals. Bev was questioned as to how drones may be used illegally to assist in removal of artifacts and she raised uncertainty about this issue. She mentioned the documentation of heritage planting to assist in identifying historical homesteads, etc. A database of known cultural and historic places and artifacts is being established that will eventually go online . Currently archives are kept in the Trudeau center. A possibility for creating a new archive in collaboration with the NPS exists at the site of the Concord Naval Weapons Station when it eventually becomes a park, along with development. In conclusion,, she added that the EBRP Master Plan gives structure to her job and she wants to reach out to grad students that they may gain experience in their field and in conjunction is looking for grants.

‘TRAILHEAD’ (MOVIE).   This short documentary about Dimond Park, Joaquin Miller Park, and Sausal Creek explores the history and current efforts to preserve and protect the area. Beautiful video footage. Lots of community involvement including students. Interesting fact: Hugh Dimond was a store owner in the area dating to Gold Rush times and his property was bought in 1916 to become Dimond Park

OTHER- GUN CLUB. Public comment will be heard at tomorrow’s EBRP Board meeting Dee, Judi, and Jerry will attend to represent RPA. A decision on the gun club’s future might possibly be made at December’s meeting. The Gun Club is claiming ignorance of the environmental issues as recently documented and states “we need more time” to study and respond to said issues.

Motion made, seconded and passed to allow Judi Bank, Dee Rosario and life member Peter Volin to speak to EBRPD board in favor of NOT renewing Gun Club lease – either temporarily nor permanently.

OTHER- CAMPING REPORT: Judi. A proposal is in the works to build as a pilot project camping cabins at Del Valle Campground . If successful with the public more would be built.

Meeting adjourned 11:40.



Meeting called to order at 9:40. Present: Amelia, Dee, Marty, Jerry, Reg, Carrroll, Tim, Judi. Guest William Yragui . Absent: Joe.

Agenda Approved. Minutes Approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT- Dee. $2,300 (approx). $20 recently spent for required state filing fee .

EBRP REPORTS- Judi. BOC: Gun Club . New infrastucture to prevent lead incursion into the watershed. will cost millions. EBRP cannot afford this.In addition, the Gun Club is not in agreement with the Master Plan. There needs to be an EIR if the Gun Club is to continue.   Decibels and effects on park users must be considered.Lead cleanup cost extensive. It is possible that the EBRP Board will vote on the future of the Gun Club in November. It is hoped that camping will be the eventual use of this acreage.

FEMA; Two opposing lawsuits against the FEMA project for tree removal and fuel reduction in the Oakland Berkeley hills have been filed- one by the Hills Conservation Network and the other by the Sierra Club. Mediation will occur in November or December. It is hoped that both sides can reach agreement.

PROPOSED PARCEL TAX to improve Bay Shoreline in advance of rising water levels. Tax proposed by the SF Bay Restoration Authority and will need $ 5 million to put on ballot. Save The Bay will raise part of the funds. Jerry will keep us updated.MSP with one abstention to send $ 50 to support the ballot measure.

ANNUAL MEETING: George Schulz , due to advaced age, is unavailable. Amelia asked for suggestions for a possible “big draw” name. No response.

DRONES IN PARKS: Marty expressed concern about recent drone activity in Briones and is concerned that not enough is being done to inform the public about the illegality of said activity. It was noted that Sec. 38 covers drone activity. Marty was told to contact Carol Johnson of EBRP to discuss the matter.

TRAILHEAD MOVIE- A short documentary by Stan Dawson and the Friends of Sausal Creek and Joaquin Miller Creek has been made. It highlights the trails system from Dimond to J. Miller Park and its purpose is to promote volunteerism. It will eventually be on line. Dee will pursue its availability to RPA.

BEV ORTIZ from EBRP will be invited by Amelia to either our Nov. or Dec. meeting.

INDIAN VALLEY (Moraga). Brief discussion of the future proposed development of this area.

OTHER: Dee mentioned that the Water Temple at Lake Chabot will be demolished due to seismic issues..

Meeting adjourned 11 a. m.


MINUTES  Regional Parks Association Board Meeting September 14, 2015

Meeting called to order at 9:35. Present: Amelia, Joe, Jerry, Carroll, Judi. Tim, Dee, Reg. Absent: Marty

Agenda amended to include Save the Bay item, annual meeting speaker suggestion and letter to RPA members asking for interest in continued membership, dues and email.

Agenda approved as amended. June minutes were approved and treasurer’s report accepted. Amelia presented a letter emphasizing the importance of Indian Valley in Moraga, urging EBMUD to seek ownership. RPA voted to add its signature to list of supporters.

Jerry gave a presentation on the Sierra Club’s paper on why thinning vegetation for fire management is inferior to removal of all exotic vegetation and restoring the land to native oak woodland – far more effective and less costly in the long run. EBRPD is the only agency in East Bay that will continue thinning using the FEMA grant.

EBMUD is updating its Master Plan discussing opening more trails to mountain bikes, especially where EMBUD trails provide connectivity with other trails. RPA board does not approve that idea, given the erosion problems bikes cause, and the large number of trails available now. Concern was voiced about even allowing the few miles of proposed connectors that might open the door to even more trails with biking allowed. Board voted to send letter to EBMUD reiterating our position against bikes on trails and encouraging EBMUD’s protection of its land not only for water quality but protection of natural resources.

The RPA board voted to continue to support the ballot measure that proposes a $12 parcel tax for restoration of the Bay and its wetlands.


Meeting called to order at 9:45. Present: Amelia, Joe, Jerry, Marty, Carroll, Judi. Absent: Tim, Dee, Reg.

AGENDA approved.

MINUTES approved with correction.

TREASURER’S REPORT: $2, 414.81. Moved, seconded and passed to approve expenditure of 84.00 for Annual Meeting.

ANNUAL MEETING DISCUSSION and EVALUATION. It was good to see 5 EBRP Board members present. Breakout sessions seemed to work well although the general tone and energy level seemed lower than in recent years. Holiday weekend cut into attendanceEBRP COMMITTEE REPORTS- Judi. BOC: The Redwood   Bowman use agreement is up for renewal. They control 26 acres and it is open to the public. There is concern about shooting into unfenced open area behind the targets that is accessible to the public. Lease will be studied for another month before decision is made. Proposed raise to $1200 (from $100) for annual lease. Diablo Foothills Regional Park in Walnut Creek has recently decided to close for public use the cliffs where peregrine falcons nest . Signage has been posted. A new position has been created in EBRP . The title is Cultural Services Coordinator. This person visited all the parks with the mission of giving instruction to the Park Supervisors as to how to protect resources. She has developed a list of resources and is educating the park supervisors as to what is in their parks specifically. Amelia suggested that we invite her to a fall meeting.

FEMA PLAN for East Bay Hills Fire Hazard Reduction- Jerry. Jerry gave a thoroughly researched, informative and interesting Power Point presentation on the subject. Included were fire history   pictures of previous fires and pictures of the wildlife corridor. A picture of the restored Claremont Canyon gave a view as to what the future might look like after removal/restoration. Jerry will keep us informed of upcoming litigation involving the Sierra Club and Hills Conservation Network. OTHER: TESLA.




Meeting called to order at 9:45 by President Amelia WIlson. Welcome and introduction by   EBRPD Board Vice-president Doug Siden of fellow Board members Ayn Wieskamp, Dennis Waespi, John Sutter, Beverly Lane and EBRPD staff in attendance. Environmental group representatives introduced themselves as well as a representative from the office of Contra Costa Co. Supervisor Candace Anderson. A short RPA business meeting followed introductions. Agenda, minutes from the 2014 annual meeting, and treasurer’s report were approved. Jerry Kent, Martha Martin, and Tim Gordon were re-elected to 3 year terms.


Guest Panelists John Takekawa, Research Biologist with USGS; Maggie Wenger from BCDC; Kevin Takei , EBRPD Unit manager Shoreline parks, and Matt Graul, Chief of Stewardship, EBRPD were introduced. Breakout sessions followed with each panelist hosting a presentation , discussion and question and answer format. Attendees rotated among the sessions. HIGHLIGHTS: JOHN TAKEKAWA; Floating islands have been established for the nesting of Ridgway’s Rails (formerly Clapper Rails) at Arrowhead Marsh. The rails adapt well to these islands for refuge but so far they have not been a huge success for nesting. KEVIN TAKEI: Sand dunes at Crown Beach are being carefully monitored for protection of snowy plover habitat. MATT GRAUL: Breuner Marsh Restoration Project near Pt. Pinole is being designed to accommodate rising sea levels with restructuring and restoring. A boardwalk will connect it to Pt. Pinole. Matt also stated that the new park being established near the Dumbarton Quarry will not be impacted by rising water as it is situated on a bluff. MAGGIE WENGER: She discussed the Hayward Shoreline Resource Study in which two different kinds of levees are proposed and gave information on the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center. Maggie shared a link to more information:



Meeting called to Order by President Amelia Wilson

Present: Amelia, Jerry, Dee, Carroll, Tim Judi and (later) Joe. Guest: William Yargui.

Minutes of April 2, 2015 approved as amended.

Treasurer’s report:$2368.81 ($685.38 paid for new website and 3 years hosting).

Annual Meeting: $17 needed for postcard postage. Email reminder going out this week with RSVP. All program participants ready.. BCDC coordinating with Mimi on program. Mimi will bake and do the programs. Board come at 8:45 to help with set-up. Dee will do check-in.

Elections: Directors up for reelection: Jerry Kent, Tim Gordon and Martha Martin.

FEMA Program Report: Law suit by Hills Conservation Network against UC and Oakland to save the Eucalyptus trees. Want thinning, not cutting and a CEQA study. EBRPD has 700,000 trees and will take out 500,000 leaving stumps, 3100/acre mostly under 4”. Oakland and UC must creat a Timber Harvest Plans. It’s a $200 mil project. Costs EBRPD $8,000/acre + $1,000 annual follow up. Claremont Canyon left the logs, covered the area with thick chips and planted Redwoods.

Parks Forward: Jerry reported on a Parks Forward presentation at Lafayette -Orinda Presbyterian Church April 10. Ken Wiseman, Executive Director of the Parks Forward Initiative, gave an update on the Initiative’s activities.From his presentation, it appears State Parks is heavy on recreation and light on Resource Management. State parks are underfunded and understaffed. “Park system should be run like a business”.

Summer meetings: Do we need to meet in July and August? There seems to be a lot going on. Meet on an as needed basis.


Meeting called to order at 9:32 by President Amelia Wilson. PRESENT: Joe, Jerry, Reg, Dee, Marty, Tim Amelia, Carroll. ABSENT: Judi . Minutes approved. Agenda approved with addition of discussion on Parks Forward, Altamont wind turbines’ impact on raptors and recent Alameda County Supervisors action on Coliseum.

TREASURER’S REPORT: $2,974.17 (+ $100 since March) Expenditures: $36.26 for stamps and ink for newsletter, $500.00 for redesigned web page and an additional $185 for 3 years’ hosting.

GUEST SPEAKER: BOB NISBET, Assistant General Manager, Acquisitions, Stewardship, and Development for EBRPD. His job has undergone changes with the re-alignment of various departments. Stewardship is still being defined. There are currently 17 staff positions vacant with the obvious impacts. Bob sees a new emphasis on planning and opening land-banked parks in the future. The next two areas (to open sometime this spring) are the Elworthy property in Danville and the Stonebrae (near Pleasanton). Other locations Bob mentioned for future use included Clayton Ranch in Clayton and the McCosker Ranch property in Moraga. Hundreds of properties are being looked at and prioritized for purchase. We asked about the Bay Leaf property on Fish Ranch road which many feel has great importance as part of the wildlife corridor. It is not a top priority for purchase at this time, Bob stated. Bob sees a slowing down of property purchases for the District at this time, in part due to the increasing cost of land. However, he mentioned the District’s interest in  the beautiful and historic Tesla property in Livermore and also Cedar Mountain in Livermore. In regards to the Gun Club at Chabot Regional Park, Bob confirmed the EBRPD Board’s approval of a one- year extension of the lease and the appropriation of $125,000 for the study of lead pollution but not including the impacts of noise. In regard to the wind turbine issue at Altamont, Bob went to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors” recent meeting where a 3 year permit extension was granted to the company whose turbines are obsolete, causing unnecessary bird fatalities. Other companies at Altamont have replaced their older turbines with newer, safer (for the birds) ones. Many environmentalists in the audience spoke against the permit extension. Bob stated that many environmental groups are thinking of filing a lawsuit. RPA board would agree were that to happen. In regard to EBRPD and ecosystems, Jerry believes that FEMA’s 200 million should go to the promotion of native vegetation rather than maintenance of spotty eucalyptus and pine trees. Joe- “We need to look at the long range”. (See RPA web site, Newsletters and Articles, “Environmental Concepts Related to FEMA Litigation”.)

Amelia:” As more lands open and become recreational, the environment diminishes.” Bob confirmed that a balance of protection of habitat vs. development is of the highest priority and the number of trails in new areas will be limited. Dee:” The overdeveloping days of parks are hopefully over!”

We heartily thanked Bob for being our guest and bringing us up to date on EBRPD land and other issues.

ACTION: MSP to approve $36.26 payable to Amelia for stamps and ink. MSP to approve $685 for website expenditures.

OTHER: Jerry passed out of Parks Forward fact sheet and mentioned a Parks Forward presentation at Lafayette -Orinda Pres. Church April 10. Reg mentioned a three day convocation of State, local and National park leaders, sponsored by the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley. Marty mentioned seeing a drone and its operator in Briones Regional Park and was concerned that this could become a big issue in the parks. Dee gave an update on the Coliseum project in Oakland. “Everything is up in the air.

Meeting adjourned 11:15 NEXT MEETING MAY 4. ANNUAL MEETING MAY 23




Meeting called to order at 9:35. All present. Agenda approved . Minutes approved.TREASURER’S REPORT: $2, 854.17

ANNUAL MEETING: DISCUSSION POSSIBLE DATES: MAY 23 OR JUNE 27. Availability of speakers and facility will determine  selection. Possible speakers: Ellie Cohen, Executive Director Point Blue Conservation Science, Matt Graul of EBRP, Andrew Gunther, Executive Coordinator Bay Area Ecosystems Climate Change Consortium, and John Takekawa, Research Biologist with USGS. Amelia will also contact BCDC for available posters and investigate other visuals for use at the Meeting. Tim mentioned a watershed poetry contest that might tie in to the Meeting. Tim will e-mail info to Amelia . Dee stated that Foster City had a contest to deal with water rise and will get more info to Amelia . Amelia mentioned a video Tracking Raindrops by Quest that she thought might be of interest. Amelia still wants EBRPD’s Shoreline Parks to be the focus of the Climate Change topic for the Annual Meeting. Matt Graul of EBRPD will need to be involved in the presentation.

WEBSITE: Amelia continues to do battle with the objective of learning to edit. Website will consist of Home Page, Goals, Board, History, By-laws, Calendar/minutes.   Jerry will need to put his white papers in pdf format to attach to website.

COMMITTEE REPORTS- Judi. The Natural and Cultural Resources Committee meets three times a year. Judi ,due to a conflict, can no longer attend. Golden eagles and the Wildcat watershed were recent topics. Dee agreed to monitor this committee in the future. OPERATIONS committee: The proposal to increase the size of the “Two Day Town” encampment at Del Valle in April to 1700 participants was on their agenda. Also New Big Break caretaker and setting up of cameras. There has been vandalism. Indian burial grounds dot the shoreline. The Pt. Isabel dog owners group was commended for their clean up efforts. At MLK Shoreline two groups- the Golden Gate Audubon and Save the Bay provide help and monitoring. Save the Bay is proposing a district wide smoking ban because of the toxicity to the environment of cigarette butts. There will be a staff report on this in the future. Gun Range: still the need for lobbying board members. Sierra club will weigh in.

OTHER; SF Bay Restoration Authority- Jerry. Group is trying to deal with financial issues. Contemplating parcel taxes but can’t come up with money to run campaign.

Amelia commented that they need to become more visible before they go after public funds.

Oakland City Complex; Dee. The final draft of the EIR for this project of 3,700 housing units is available. Project located at Coliseum west toward the Bay. New marinas part of project. Very little open space committed. Should RPA weigh in? Dee will forward info to Amelia and draft a letter.

NEXT MEETING APRIL 6 9:30 at EBMUD Watershed Headquarters. Guest will be Bob Nisbet, EBRPD Land Acquisitions.



Meeting called to order at 9:30 by president Amelia Wilson. Present: Mimi, Joe, Jerry, Judi, Reg, Tim, Dee, Marty. Absent: Carroll.

Minutes approved. Agenda approved. Treasurer’s report: $2854.17.

ANNUAL MEETING: Topics discussed for the theme of the Annual Meeting were climate change and the damage to the environment caued by marijuana cultivation in terms of use of rodenticides.Discussion: Tim mentioned book Trampling Out the Vintage which could tie in. Jerry went to CNPS meeting discussing climate change and sea level rise and its effects on vegetation. By the end of the century it is possible to have a sea level rise of 5 feet. Judi added that the League of Women Voters had climate change as a topic at a recent meeting. Decided to pursue climate change as topic. Amelia wants it specifically related to the Bay. Names mentioned were Will Travis (Jerry) Matt Grauel and Kevin Takei (Dee) Reg will think about who might be a dynamic speaker as will Dee. Judi will find out who the League speakers were. Mimi asked us all to come up with names of possible speakers.

WEBSITE: One more month with current provider. New one in the works.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Judi. BOC Ongoing problems with parking and overuse of Mission Peak.Ongoing Golf Club and Gun Range issues. Briones archery range

GENERAL DISCUSSION Dee. Alameda Co. Parks and Rec.-new trail proposed. Three options. One will be chosen in June. Amelia: Rosie the Riveter Museum. Go on Fridays when some of the real Rosies are in attendance.Reg: Briones trails are in poor condition and could easily be improved with drainage modification. Joe: Report Transforming California by the Parks Forward Committee. Highlights: Non-profit should run parks. State Park Commission needs more clout. Jerry concluded that the California State Park system needs to follow the EBRP format of a strong, elected Board.

Meeting adjourned 10:50.     NEXT MEETING MARCH 2, 2015



Meeting called to order at 9:30. Present: Amelia, Joe, Jerry, Dee, Tim, Judi, Marty, Carroll, Reg.

Agenda approved. December Minutes approved. Treasurer’s report: $2794.17

Meeting are held during daytime hours when many of the general public cannot attend. “Would you change this?” he asked. Both Dennis and Marguerite would be in favor of such a change. They mentioned that the benefits would be increased transparency and public education regarding issues.   It was mentioned that the reason meeting are held during the daytime had to do with staff being present to answer any questions raised.

Dennis was asked his views on grazing policy in EBRPD. His comments reflected his feeling that there has been improvement over the years. Marguerite mentioned cryptosporidium as a problem associated with grazing. Marguerite added that EBMUD should expand its vision to be a resource agency rather than strictly a water agency particularly in respect to grazing. Jerry gave an historical perspective to the discussion by adding that for over 60 years EBRPD land has been bought with the co-operation of ranchers. Reg referred to the grasslands report he did with Bartolome. Tim added that co-operation and education are crucial to solving not just grazing issues but all issues.

Dennis and Marguerite were thanked for coming and invited to return any time.

GUESTS introduced. Dennis Waespi, new EBRP board member, and Marguerite Young, new EBMUD board member. Dennis’s ward includes N. Oakland, flats along 580, Oakland Hills, Orinda, Moraga, Pinole, El Sobrante, Castro Valley. He is active in politics and the Sierra Club. Marguerite is a longtime resident of Kensington who won her seat for Ward 3 which represent Ward 3, which includes substantial portions of the City of Oakland, Piedmont and talso includes the Contra Costa cities of Orinda, El Sobrante,  Moraga, and portions of Pinole and Richmond.  As an activist, she is involved with the California League of Conservation, is Director of Clean Water Action and is the CALFED water quality co-chair. She sees the primary EBMUD challenges as infrastructure and climate change. She mentioned that EBMUD needs to think of itself not just as a utility but as an environmental land steward.

Dennis was asked: “ What are the challenges facing EBRP?” His answers: “ How to spend WW bond money and get grants to buy more land.” “ Money is also needed to maintain and open new parks.” “There needs to be a balance between wildlife and usage”. Then asked, “ How do you see the interaction between EBRPD and EBMUD, Dennis mentioned joint stewardship of the greenbelts and golf course and trail system co-operation. Jerry added that historically both boards have gotten along well.

Dee brought up an issue that he feels should be of concern to both boards- the fact that most of their m

FEMA EIS; Jerry gave a thoughtful analysis and highlights of the FEMA EIS. His conclusion: “We need to support staff and EBRPD board to solve this fire, legal, and environmental problem. RPA doesn’t need to take a position as there are 4,500 pages of documents. Reg gave a brief background on Eucalyptus and said “the Australians switched seed bags so the wrong type of euc was planted by mistake!”

COMMITTEE REPORTS- JUDI: PAC: Budget discussion for 2015 includes increasing police and salaries. Total of 21 permanent and 24 new staff proposed. Judi received a nice plaque recognizing her 12 years serving on PAC. She intends to keep attending Board of Operations and Natural and Cultural Resource committee meetings.

WEBSITE: It was moved and seconded to allocate funds for a new updated web site.

OTHER; Dee is collecting signatures for a petition organized by Friends of Sausal Creek in Diamond Canyon. There will be removal of trees on top of culverts. They will be re-purposed as fencing.

Meeting adjourned 11:35.